Spanish 21


The layout for Spanish 21 is very similar to a standard Blackjack layout. The only differences there are: the felt identifies the game as Spanish 21, the Bonus 21 Payoffs are printed on the layout and the “Match the Dealer” bet is offered. Rule signs are on the table designated for Spanish 21.

We offer this game with six decks. The only exception to the standard deck is that all number “10” cards are removed. (A Spanish deck consists of Ace to 9, Jack, Queen, and King.)

Players can double down on two or more cards, including after splitting. Players can split cards of equal value, including Aces, up to three times, creating four hands. When splitting, Aces are treated like any other card. Hitting and doubling down of split hands, including Aces, are allowed. 21’s get paid automatically. A player Blackjack always beats a dealer’s Blackjack, and is paid 3 to 2.

After doubling, players may choose to Rescue (take back) the last doubled portion of the bet. For a Rescue, a player would forfeit half of the existing wager if the last doubled portion was equal to the existing wager. If a player doubles for less, they can Rescue only the amount that they wagered on the double down. Busted doubles can NOT be rescued.

A player total of 21 always beats a dealer’s total of 21. Certain player 21 totals result in a Bonus 21 Payoff as noted on the payout schedule on the table.

The dealer checks under the Ace or face card for Blackjack. Early surrender (before peek) is not permitted. Otherwise, surrender on first two cards is permitted. Surrender allows the player to forfeit half of his wager and drop from the hand. The player cannot surrender when the dealer’s hand is a blackjack or if he has taken a hit. The game is played with the dealer hitting “soft 17.”

Insurance is permitted. Players may bet up to half the original bet, on any dealer’s Ace showing, including players who have a paid blackjack. The Super Bonus Payoff requires no special side bet. When a player’s first three cards are suited 7s and the dealer’s up card is any 7, that player wins a $1,000 Super Bonus when a $5 minimum bet is being played, or a $5,000 Super Bonus when a $25 bet is being played. All other betting players of that round receive a $50 Envy Bonus.

Splitting or doubling voids Super Bonus. Players holding certain hands totaling 21 who have not doubled down are paid a bonus 21 Payoff. (see below) Players can also make a Match the Dealer bet. In addition to the regular Spanish 21 bet, a player can bet that either of the first two cards will match the dealer’s up card in rank. The payoffs are indicated on the table sign. Match the Dealer bet: $1 to $25.


Paid Five card hand totaling 21 3 to 2
Six card hand totaling 21 2 to 1
Seven (or more) card hand totaling 21 3 to 1
6-7-8 mixed suit 3 to 1
6-7-8 suited 2 to 1
6-7-8 suited in spades 3 to 1
7-7-7 mixed suit 3 to 2
7-7-7 suited 2 to 1
7-7-7 suited in spades 3 to 1

The above payoff chart is located on the layout of the table HOUSE RULE Side betting is strictly prohibited on the casino floor.


1 Non-suited Match 4 to 1
2 Non-suited Match 8 to 1
1 Suited Match 9 to 1
1 Non-suited & 1 Suited Match 13 to 1
2 Suited Matches 18 to 1

In case of misdeal all hands are called dead and bets returned to the player.

If a bet is over the table maximum the bet is honored up to the table maximum and the overage returned to the player.

If a player fails to meet the table minimum the floor supervisor will be notified and the bet will be honored while the floor person explains table minimums. If it happens again the hand will be called dead and the bet returned to the player.