Mini Baccarat


Mini-Baccarat is a smaller form of Midi-Baccarat. However, all cards in Mini-Baccarat are dealt by the dealer and the dealer controls the shoe. The card rules in Mini-Baccarat are identical to Baccarat. Baccarat is played with eight decks dealt from a shoe. Two hands of two cards each are dealt; one is called the Player hand and the other is called the Banker hand. Additional cards may be drawn to these hands based on Baccarat rules. The object of the game is to come closest to or total nine. Face and 10 cards are valued at zero, Ace is valued as one, two through nine are face value, and hands will never exceed nine.


There are two primary ways to bet: on the Player hand or on the Banker hand. An optional wager called Tie bet is betting that the Player and Banker hands will tie with the same card total. Before cards are dealt, a player may wager on the Player hand or the Banker hand, and on the tie. Tie wagers pay 8 to 1. All winners are paid at a rate of 1 to 1, with a 5% commission taken by the House on winning Banker hands.
An optional banker/player pair side bet pays 11 to 1. Player pair and Banker pair pay 11 to 1.


Each hand is dealt two cards from the shoe. The Player hand is acted on first, followed by the Banker hand. If the rules call for a third card, either or both hands must take the third card. There are no optional cards in Baccarat — no more than three cards are dealt to each hand.


Natural — a natural occurs when the first two cards dealt to either hand (Player or Banker) total eight or nine. Neither hand may draw more cards when a Natural occurs.


Player First Two Cards Total Dealer Must
0 through 5 Draw a Card
6 or 7 Stand
8 or 9 Natural Stand-No Draw

When the Player stands on 6 or 7, the Banker always draws on totals of 0 through 5, and stands on 6 through 9. When the Player does not have a Natural, the Banker draws on totals of 0 through 2 and then observes the Third Card Rules displayed in the table that follows.

The Third Card Rule—Banker

When Player’s Banker First Two Cards Total Third Card Is
3 Anything but an 8
4 2 through 7
5 4 through 7
6 6 or 7
7 Stand
8 or 9 Stand-No Draw
Side wagers are prohibited.

In case of misdeal all hands are called dead and bets returned to the player.

If a bet is over the table maximum the bet is honored up to the table maximum and the overage returned to the player.

If a player fails to meet the table minimum the floor supervisor will be notified and the bet will be honored while the floor person explains table minimums. If it happens again the hand will be called dead and the bet returned to the player.