Fortune Pai Gow


In Fortune Pai Gow Poker, a 52-card deck plus a Joker is used. The dealer deals seven cards to the dealer, and all six players’ spots — whether or not they are played. There is a random number generator that determines which playing spot receives the first cards. If the random number generator is unavailable, the Banker (house or player) rolls dice to determine the card delivery order. The dealer always qualifies. To play against the dealer, the player must make a regular Pai Gow wager in the betting circle. After viewing their cards, the player sorts the cards into a two-card and a five-card hand using normal Poker rankings.

To win, your two-card hand must beat the Banker’s two-card hand and your five-card hand must beat their five-card hand. If one of your hands wins and the other loses, it is a push. If the player’s two-or five-card hands tie the dealer’s the player loses. Any player who sets their hand incorrectly—a fouled hand—loses automatically. If the player is not sure how to correctly set their hand, the dealer may assist by placing a House Way button by the betting circle.


Hand rankings follow Poker rules, except that for the Fortune Bonus Pay Table, the Three-of-a-Kind pays higher than a Straight. The highest two-card hand is a pair of Aces and the highest five-card hand is a Royal Flush. In the regular Pai Gow hands a Straight beats Three-of-a-Kind. The Joker is usable only as an Ace, or to complete a Straight, a Flush or a Straight Flush. Examples of fouled hands are setting three cards in your two-card hand and four in your five card hand, or setting the two card hand as a higher ranking hand than your five-card hand.


Fortune Pai Gow Bonus is an optional wager a player makes, betting that out of their seven cards they can make a minimum five-card hand of a Straight or better. Additionally, if any player has a Four-of-a-Kind or better, any player who has made a minimum of a five dollar Fortune Pai Gow Bonus wager receives an Envy Payout, regardless of the rank of their own hand.


Player’s Hand Bonus Envy Bonus
7 Card Straight Flush (No Joker) 8,000 to 1 $5,000
Royal Flush plus Royal Match 2,000 to 1 $1,000
Five Aces 400 to 1 $250
Royal Flush 150 to 1 $50
Straight Flush 50 to 1 $20
Four-of-a-Kind 25 to 1 $5
Full House 5 to 1 N/A
Flush 4 to 1 N/A
Three-of-a-Kind 3 to 1 N/A
Straight 2 to 1 N/A


No Side Bets Allowed. In case of misdeal, the player will have all hands called dead and bets returned to the player.

If a bet is over the table maximum, the player will have the bet honored up to the table maximum and the overage returned to the player.

If a player fails to meet the table minimum, the floor supervisor will honor the bet and explain table minimums. Additionally, if it happens again, the player will have the hand called dead and the bet returned to the player.